Grampa’s Salve Story

Grampa’s Salve Story
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In 1886 my grandfather, at the age of 10, received a nasty wound on his leg. My great grandmother and the family doctor tried everything to heal the wound but nothing worked and the pain got so bad my grandfather could hardly walk. My great grandmother heard of an elderly woman in the community famous for her healing medicines. She packed up my grandfather and headed out to find the woman. When she found her the elderly woman took one look at the festering wound and said, “There is only one thing that will heal that.” She left the room and returned with a jar of salve.
She put the salve on the wound and wrapped it with a bandage. In no time the pain began to leave. Within a few days the wound healed. The elderly woman gave the recipe for the salve to my great grandmother and my family has never been without the salve since. In time, it became known as “Grampa’s Salve”.

We continue to use mutton tallow as the base, plus Camphor, Phenol, Petrolatum, White Willow Bark, Calendula, Comfrey, Chamomile, Cranesbill, Aloe, Horsetail, Hops, and Elderflower from the elderly woman’s original formula.

This combination of herbs stops the pain and helps healing of:
• Insect bites (bee stings, chiggers, mosquitoes, ticks)
• Cuts, scrapes, scratches, itches and irritated skin;
• Chapped lips and mouth sores like fever blisters, canker and cold sores; and acts as a
Drawing salve (draws out infection).

As more people use Grampa’s Salve we discover more and more uses for it. We found it stops the pain of a bee sting in less then a minute. Mosquito bites and similar insect bites disappear. Cold sores last only a day or two or if applied when first felt never develop. We constantly receive comments from people about how fast their cold sores disappear. People that get cold sores on a regular bases us Grampa’s Salve as a lip balm and claim they don’t get cold sores any more. People that have canker sores put Grampa’s Salve on cotton and apply it to the inside of their mouth. The taste isn’t great but they say it is better than the pain of a canker sore.

We hope you will send us new uses for Grampa’s Salve.
Sincerely, John Herron (the Grandson)