Grampa Salve for Psoriasis

‘I have been using the Grampa Salve on my Psoriasis for about a month now. It has calmed the outbreaks, so they are not quite so raised and red and keeps the ‘patches’ from scaling and itching and being so dry. I usually apply at night before bed and in the morning and/or after shower or bath. Prior to using the salve I would scratch sometimes until they bled, which is horrible and I worried about the potential for infections and viruses. The salve creates a barrier that protects the affected area and also almost eliminates the compulsion to scratch the patches. Thanks for the Grampa Salve – it is great to find something that helps with this chronic condition.’

Jan Starr
Washington State

Grampas Salve






SKU: 9020 – 806   Weight: .1875   Size: 2 oz.   Price: $6.99
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