Testimonials about Grampas Salve for Diaper Rash

”I bought Grampas Salve after reading a description of it … it sounded like a balm my Mother used on me.

Shortly after purchasing, our 2-year old Grandson, Nickolas, visited us and he had a severe diaper rash. I put the balm on him and overnight the rash was completely gone. I gave the jar to his mother and she has used it since for diaper rash, scratches and itches. Now, whenever Nickolas itches or has a scratch, he asks for HIS ”Bop pa Balm” to be rubbed on (Bop pa is his name for his Grandpa).

For our family ”Bop pa Balm is a household name and we use it on everyone … for scratches, itches and blemishes.”

Betty Wikstrom
Fox Island, WA

Grampas Salve






SKU: 9020 – 806   Weight: .1875   Size: 2 oz.   Price: $6.99
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