Testimonials about Grampas Salve for Toe Nail Fungus

”I wanted to send you a note about your Grampa’s Salve product and how well it worked for me on toenail fungus.

First of all, I noticed that the nail on my right big toe was discoloring and becoming thick and somewhat crusty. I had seen TV commercials and magazine ads for Lamisil tablets and that this prescription was designed for toenail fungus infection, also know as onychomycosis. I checked this out on their web-site and decided that I had contracted toenail fungus infection and that I should see my doctor and get a prescription to clear this up. I read on Lamisil’s web-site that “home remedies” were not effective as cures for toe nail fungus infection, but that Lamisil was. However that it takes 10 – 12 months to totally work. The following is a direct quote from their web-site:

“Any treatment you try on your own that may or may not actually treat your condition. Vinegar, tea tree oil, bleach, and Vicks® VapoRub® are ”home remedies” for nail fungus infection”.

So, it sounded to me that the only way I would be able to clear up my toe nail fungus infection was to get a prescription for Lamisil, which I then got from my doctor. But when I went to the pharmacy to have it filled, the pharmacist informed me that my insurance would not cover the prescription and that the cost for the Lamisil prescription was $800.00!

So I decided not to get the prescription and live with the toenail fungus infection. Then one day I was using Grampa’s Salve on a small cut and just decided to put it on and around my infected toenail. I continued this everyday, applying the salve on and around my toenail each morning and then putting on my socks. I noticed some improvement, smoother nail, discoloration going away and thickness dissipating after about a week. In about a month, the toenail fungus has just about totally cleared up. And it didn’t cost $800.00!

Thank you for making such a great and effective product. It seems that I just keep finding new uses for my Grampa’s Salve.”

David Parker
Seattle, WA

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