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About Evergreen Nutritionals
Evergreen Nutritionals is headquartered on Fox Island, Washington USA.

The name, Evergreen Nutritionals, signifies products from the Evergreen State that help keep your body Ever Green. The products that you will find on our websites (www.enutritionals.net and www.acidredux.net ) are high quality* at reasonable prices versus the national, advertised brands. Note, Evergreen does not advertise to keep their costs and prices as low as possible. Some of the Vitamins and Dietary Supplements you will find at www.enutritionals.net and www.acidredux.net include:

  • TheraGar – Garlic supplement exactly like Kwai for about ½ the price per tablet as Kwai.
  • Lactzyme – the same Lactase Enzyme as in Lactaid (for lactose intolerance) for $0.08 less per tablet than Lactaid:
  •   XcuseMe – the same food enzyme as in Beano (for gas or flatulence) for $0.16 less per tablet. XcuseMe does not contain Simethicone, found in most other gas relief products;
  • New Acid Redux, which reduces both stomach and body acidity resulting in the reduction of pain for many acid related diseases;

Evergreen also has great Skin Care products, which are enriched with essential oils that increase absorption of the Vitamin E into your skin (most Vitamin E products leave a greasy residue on your skin). These products benefit skin areas prone to drying, chaffing and wrinkling. They also help heal scar tissue, cuts and other skin irritations.

  • Vitamin E Oil (28,000 IUs)
  • Vitamin E Spray (28,000 IUs)
  • Vitamin E Cream (10,000 IUs)
  • Vitamin E Lotion (8,000 IUs)

Grandpa’s Salve helps heal and reduce the pain from cuts, burns, insect bites, mouth sores, rashes, chapped skin, etc. Some of the consumer feedback Evergreen has received testify to Grampa’s helping with Rosacia, ScleroDerma, Toe Nail Fungus and cracked skin.

  • All of their products are manufactured under GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) and are rigorously tested to ensure that the key actives stated on their labels are exceeded.

You can buy most of Evergreen’s products in Bartell Drugs, a 55-store drug chain in Washington State. Also, they have many good customers all over the world who buy from their website, www.enutritionals.net.

Evergreen would appreciate your help in spreading the word of their products to you friends and family. If you have questions or feedback about their products you can email them at evergreen20@aol.com.

Here’s to your health,

The Staff at Evergreen Nutraceuticals
PO Box 413
Fox Island, WA 98333