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Testimonials about Vitamin E Skin Care Products
”I am hooked on your Vitarite Vitamin E Therapeutic Skin Cream! For years I’ve had thin, weak fingernails that either peel or break off. I’ve tried all sorts of products. A few that come to mind are Bag Balm, Sally Hansen’s Radiant Hands, Nails & Cuticle Cream, Pre de Provence Dry Skin Hand Cream and too many others to remember. None of these have worked like the Vitarite Vitamin E Cream. I’m an avid gardener and the cream also keeps my hands and cuticles soft. Thank you for introducing it to me.”

Kathy Cowley
Portland, Oregon

”I have used your Vitamin E-Spra Oil for 20 years. I am 97 years old and use it on the areas where I have a touch of arthritis and am almost completely pain free. Thank You,”

Walter Kirkpatrick
Harlingen, TX

”We include E-Spra (Vitamin E Skin Oil Spray) in our post-treatment protocol for all our patients who have undergone laser surgery for hair and spider web removal. It helps to decrease inflammation of the skin and doesn’t clog the pores like other Vitamin E products available.”

Laser Salon
Lynnwood, WA

”The Vitamin E Oil makes my skin feel smooth and not so dry. I use it morning and evening. I use to heal scratches and abrasions. It works wonderfully.”

Carole Long
Vacaville, CA

I love this Vitamin E Spray so much because it conditions my skin perfectly. It has a silicone base, not an oil base, so it glides on really smooth & moisturizes intensely without causing blemishes. When I put it on at night, the next morning my skin just feels and looks healthier. When I put it on during the day, if I´m not going to be in the sun at all, I put powder over it, so that the powder sticks well and I get good coverage, without having to use foundation. I recommend it highly!

Thanks, Theresa Franklin
Laredo, TX


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