Testimonials about Grampa Salve for Bee Stings

”I recently loaned my Grampas Salve to a neighbor after she was stung by bees and she loves it! It not only soothed the pain of the bee stings, but it also helped to draw out the stingers.

Thanks again for a wonderful product.”

Kathy Peters
Bend, OR

”My Grand daughter aroused a hornets nest. She came running to the house with the swarm following her. We ripped off her shirt and saw that she had been stung many times on her back. Grampas Salve reduced the pain and swelling immediately.

Another Grand daughter got stung by a bee on her thumb. Again, it was Grampas Salve to the rescue!

I work at Peninsula Gardens (Nursery) where we sell Grampas Salve. I recommend it to every shopper who asks about it.”

Reene Will
Gig Harbor, WA

Grampas Salve






SKU: 9020 – 806   Weight: .1875   Size: 2 oz.   Price: $6.99
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