Testimonials about Grampas Salve for Eczema

”Thank you and Evergreen Nutraceuticals for making a product like Grampa’s Salve. I have or should say had a severe case of eczema on my hands and arms. I know nothing will permanently cure eczema, but Grampa’s Salve comes the closest to a product that cures it that I have ever tried. It stops the itching and heals my dry cracking skin faster then I ever thought possible.

When my mother first gave me some to try I figured it was like all the other medicines I have tried throughout the years, just a waist of time with little relief. But when I tried Grampa’s Salve the itching stopped almost immediately and my skin started to heal over night. I won’t go any where without a tin of Grampa’s Salve.

Thanks again for making such a great product.”

Sincerely, Andy Tso

Grampas Salve






SKU: 9020 – 806   Weight: .1875   Size: 2 oz.   Price: $6.99
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